by No Salvation

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released February 1, 2013

Recorded by Matt Marcel @ Alazair Studio

Mastered by Mike Burke @ Specialized Mastering



all rights reserved


No Salvation Massachusetts

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Track Name: Burn the Ashes
I will not fight this flood upon me
I will succumb now, numb
Free from pain
I will rebuild these walls alone
I need nothing, no one at all
No one

Look into these eyes you will not forget
I will not forgive, no regrets
Now this black bloods flooding through my veins
Faithless, hopeless , tear you down

You will feel this agony

Another horror calls me
All light is gone

There is no cure
No cure

Another horror calls me
All light is gone
Track Name: Cruelty Will Prevail
There is no one looking out for us, we are alone drowning in blackness.
Empty inside, filled with pain, no future. What is the reason? Where is my purpose? Show me a sign.

Rotting inside this endless coma, nightmares that I will never awake.

We are abandoned.

Alone I drown, I despise you all
Track Name: Croweater
Marching, hand in hand
We sing deaf praise
Mouths of ignorance
Biting our disease

Running through his teeth , bound and gagged by guilt. slowly we swallow our tongues.

The crowds are deafening, singing a chorus of hate. Can you hear their beautiful song?

Where are you my salvation?
Where are you now?
We are empty, alone.

Black wave approaches from centuries past, here we wait for end time to come.
Track Name: Capsize
I'd wait for you - don't wait for me.

Our ship has run ashore no longer treading water. This storm has capsized our dreams.
Track Name: Elephant Graveyard
still i hear
the sound of regret

wrapped in dead memories of other lives
and cold regards
words as nails
building pyre after pyre

buried below the fault line
splintering, fracturing,
scratching for meaning

reoccurring nightmares, always a
different story, always the same , always the same

surface , old demons
today is the day you are put to rest

in the mirror I am choking on my own teeth,
your laughs are deafening

surface, old demons
today is the day you are put to rest
Track Name: War Forever
Soon the havoc will begin, drawing blood will set us free.
A hatred for their convictions and end is what we need.
Relentless is our attack, mounds of bodies lay in waste.
We are martyrs for the cause. Extermination of you all - of you all.

Condemned to burn, ablaze you stand. Incinerate this curse.
No longer blind our path is clear, purify your soul.
Crush your spirit, convert your mind. Misled promise, commanders ploy.
Rid ourselves of this poison, death to your ideals. Death to your ideals.

Bring the chaos, we we reign supreme
Bring the chaos, behead your kings

Your god dethroned - your fears fulfilled

Burn in effigy - let the cleansing begin. Now you are free - to
Bow to me
Track Name: True Destroyer
Advancing from the depths
We will rise to conquer all

You will pay for the lies, The deceit
Illusions of false hopes and of failed dreams
A bullet through the head of your messiah
Now worship me , worship me

Fuck your faith of the poison kings
I long I hear your screams, your screams
Now you'll see deception and lies
Die one thousand deaths - one thousand cries

I am the opposition, I am the enemy

Now you'll see what I have seen
The demon from your dreams